Cookie 1 Gram Cart

(26 customer reviews)


Indulge in the essence of relaxation with Cookies, your passport to a premium vaping experience. Our expertly crafted weed carts blend quality cannabis extracts with tantalizing flavors, delivering a smooth and satisfying journey.

Elevate your senses and unwind with Cookies – where every puff is a flavorful escape into the world of unparalleled enjoyment. Explore the ultimate in cannabis sophistication today.

1 - 4 pieces
USD16.00 (19% off)
5 - 29 pieces
USD14.00 (29% off)
30 - 49 pieces
USD12.00 (39% off)
50 - 79 pieces
USD10.00 (49% off)
80 - 99 pieces
USD9.00 (54% off)
100+ pieces

Embark on a sensory adventure with Cookies, a distinguished brand redefining the art of cannabis enjoyment through our premium weed carts. Meticulously curated, each cartridge encapsulates the essence of top-tier cannabis extracts, ensuring a consistent and elevated experience with every inhalation.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the product – we prioritize purity, potency, and flavor, providing a sophisticated and harmonious blend for discerning enthusiasts. Delight in the variety of strains and flavors, carefully selected to cater to diverse palates and preferences, making these your trusted companion in the exploration of the cannabis landscape.

Unwind in style and sophistication with this, where every pull is an invitation to savor the richness of our craft and immerse yourself in the world of cannabis luxury.



26 reviews for Cookie 1 Gram Cart

  1. Owen

    Shits gas

  2. Colin

    Smooth hit

  3. Jo

    Great taste and better high

  4. Rob

    These carts smack

  5. Jaz

    Flavor is fire and the hits are beautiful y’all should most definitely try it out😝

  6. Jordan

    This lasted me almost a whole month as I’m a lightweight but than I dropped it and it cracked 😅 Really good flavor and easy on the lungs

  7. Donny

    had some fun with this one
    flavor was kinda harsh on the throat but I got past it and it was pleasant

  8. Nolan

    Really liking this cart. The flavor is good and it gets me mellow and relaxed. Hits smooth, you won’t cough unless you want to.

  9. AAron

    Smooth and a nice lil high

  10. Tonny

    great taste, smooth hits. love it
    one of my favs

  11. Anna

    Straight up 5/5

  12. James


  13. Will

    Great taste

  14. Cameron

    As advertised. love it. Will buy again

  15. Owen

    had me bugging first day

  16. Jace

    Lasts ages and hits nicely

  17. Chelsea

    Love the flavor

  18. Colleen

    Potent option and no clogging. Good shit

  19. Cary

    Better than I expected!!

  20. Kellie

    Great way to save money with these! They’re Amazing!

  21. motion

    it’s good makes me cough like crazy even though i don’t cough with spliffs or other brands like muha med but the high really get me faded it’s ok

  22. Brandon

    Fat juicy

  23. Dcjmn

    I haven’t had any issues with this vape clogging or any other issue’s. Great taste and long lasting

  24. Brian

    I took this on vacation and it ended up clogging up either from too many people “trying” it or maybe being warm in my pocket all the time. Dont worry though it makes up for it lol

  25. Renee

    I like this need product! I think I will start using this one. Highly recommend

  26. Stacy

    It was really good however I still have clogging issues like others

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