About Us

Welcome to Astro Smoke Shop! We are an online store dedicated to providing you the highest quality and cheapest weed out there. While we have many products, are highlights are our 1 gram carts, 1 gram disposables, and 2 gram disposables. We provide many other products as well like Edibles, Pre Rolls, and Bongs. We do NOT require any form of signature or ID when you order from us. All of our packages are shipped with the highest level of discretion to insure your privacy. Shipping is available to anywhere in the United States and while shipping times can vary depending on location, shipping times usually range from 2 days to 5 days. While we have NO minimum order requirement, we have experience with wholesale/bulk customers looking to resale our products. We have great deals for bulk orders and welcome orders of any kind. 

We hope you take a look around our online shop and find something that you like. Our main goal is to provide a discrete, cheap, and high quality experience through our products. Our product is NOT Delta-8. None of our product is CBD. With that out of the way, we hope you enjoy! 

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