2g Turn Disposables

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Don’t let this adorable lil’ guy fool you — turnpen packs a big punch. With abundant clouds, consistent pulls, and 100% live window view, this pen is practically perfect in every way.

  • No cotton, glue, or heavy metals – ever
  • Free and easy airflow
  • 2.0 ml oil capacity
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • 1-year disposable
  • LED display
  • 150 puffs per charge
  • Clearview window, never miss a drop
  • Powerful to the last puff
  • Clean, convenient, pocket-comfy
  • No buttons, no BS
  • Over 90% THC
1 - 4 pieces
USD18.00 (28% off)
5 - 29 pieces
USD16.00 (36% off)
30 - 49 pieces
USD14.00 (44% off)
50 - 99 pieces
USD12.00 (52% off)
100+ pieces

Sporting a discreet design perfect for slipping into a teeny-weeny pocket (comfortably), turn tech is thoughtfully made to go everywhere you do.

No buttons to fuss with, toxins to wreck your vibe, or heavy metals to ruin the taste. With a powerful ceramic cool-heating element and long-lasting rechargeable battery, nothing comes between you and your bodacious herbaceous experience.

Designed with simplicity at its core, podpak doesn’t have cheap materials — just the right ones. And we surround your oil with as little of it as possible, so nothing comes between you and the golden glory of your flavorful flower! The turn terpologists wouldn’t have it any other way. PSA: Other devices use lower-end materials like cotton or bad-for-you metals that screw up the flavor (and your lungs). Metals and cotton, what have you been smoking?! It’s 3D, it’s 4D, it’s 5D! Is that a thing? Who cares, it’s TRUtaste™.

All TURN Disposables contain over 90% THC, ensuring a high that helps you reach the stars.

29 reviews for 2g Turn Disposables

  1. Gary

    Thanks guys you rock !!!!

  2. Carl

    Hits smooth and goes til the end unlike some pens I’ve tried before

  3. Lacey

    I absolutely love this Turn pen

  4. Sammy

    This has been the only thing keeping me sane since I moved here and can’t get flower anymore

  5. Blaze

    This hits great and gets me blazed

  6. lupercio

    Love it 🥰

  7. Camrynn


  8. Chase

    Straight fire

  9. hunter

    Very quick delivery and a great product all around

  10. Jayde

    Super smooth but strong still

  11. Ace

    This is sooooo good. I just wish it came in a biggwr size

  12. Lahela

    Much better than I expected from a disposable pen. The flavor is really on point

  13. Koa

    Pretty solid all around IMO

  14. Kaika

    Love it 🥰

  15. Julie

    Hits great and wasn’t to expensive

  16. AJ

    Surprisingly strong and good overall. You can really feel the 90% THC

  17. Carter

    Hits really smooth but heavy feeling pulls still with a nice fruity subtle dank flavor on the exhale

  18. Harley

    I like how easy it is to use and how sleek it feels in my hand. Good vibes all the way 🤟

  19. Jared

    I literally take this everywhere with me. It’s a must have for every situation

  20. Enzo

    You know it’s good when it only takes a few hits !

  21. Les

    Very potent and smooth plus it only takes a few hits

  22. Justin

    good flavor for a dispo vape

  23. Max

    reputable brand, super good price

  24. John

    Astro doesn’t disappoint, they ship fast and the products are wonderful.

  25. Maddie

    yes got it in only 3 days, not bad

  26. Frankie

    5 star sellers, very reliable and they ship super fast, received it quickly and very satisfied with my purchase, will def be buying it again

  27. Harvey

    turn dispos are pretty good will buy again

  28. Bailey

    2 peeps smoked the whole thing in 2 hours

  29. Eli

    It hits so hard, coughing everywhere

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