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Affordable Prices

Purchase cannabis vape at an affordable price - Allowing you to keep more money in your pocket while receiving high quality cannabis vape products.

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Secure Payment

Rest easy with our Secure Payment system, ensuring your transactions are safeguarded every step of the way.

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Fast Delivery

Experience lightning-fast delivery that brings your orders to your doorstep in no time, because we know time matters.

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Why You Should Choose Us

1. We DO NOT ID AT ALL. Astro cheap weed online does not require any form of identity verification or age verification when ordering or upon delivery

2. Our Packages are 100% Discrete. Nothing on your package will have anything related to smoking to insure you the highest level of privacy to noisy neighbors, parents, or siblings.

3. Pricing : Nothing on our website is priced above $25. From Vapes, Carts, Disposables, 2 Gram Disposables, and Bongs, Everything cost below $25. We also have great deals if you order in higher quantities, ensuring that we can BEAT what you currently pay for weed. 

4. Express Shipping : We only ship to the United States and while shipping times may vary depending on location, It takes our packages 2 to 5 days to reach it’s destination, Ensuring that you get your package quick and easy. 

Our Products

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While we have a wide range of products, we have a select few that are customer favorites 

  • Lost Mary 5k Puffs 
  • 2 Gram FRYD Disposables 
  • 1 Gram Gold Coast Clear Carts 
  • 1 Gram Raw Garden Disposables
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